Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Many of us are asking of where to pay our SSS Monthly Contribution and SSS Loans. Payments are only made on SSS Branches. Branches have schedules when it comes to monthly contribution, it may vary on your SSS Number. Credit Cards are not accepted for payments and contributions. Only cash and checks. 

For more info about credit cards, please check the link above.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Many of us encounters different problems with our SSS account. Some problem includes, membership application, contributions, loans and other benefits, and remittances.

If you are not an SSS Member, its better to apply now. As long as you have the basic requirements and you are eighteen years old and above. You can apply the organization to the nearest SSS Branch.

If you are an active member and having trouble with your contributions, you can check it online, just register on the SSS Official Site. Once you are registered you can check your account status every now and then. If you can't register online, please visit the nearest branch and update your status of membership. If you are an employed member of SSS, your employer will be the one to remit your contributions depending on the number of months you are employed with them. 50% employer's share and another 50% will be deducted to your monthly salary. If you are not employed or not working with any companies, you can remit your monthly personal contribution with SSS.

If you want to apply for a salary loan with SSS, not all members are allowed. It may vary on the number of months of your contribution.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


SSS is a government association in which anyone must have. A member must be at legal age. When you are employed, you are required to have an ID of the said association. The company you are working for will be the one to pay for your monthly contributions. Half of your total contribution will be paid by them and the other half will be deducted to your monthly salary.

To be a member of Social Security System, just visit the  nearest branch from your location, fill up the necessary form which SSS will provide. Bring the basic requirements, your proof of identification, your birth certificate. Indicate your beneficiaries. After submitting you will be a member of the group. Your ID Number will be given to you right after the application, but your ID will be given after your first contribution.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

SSS ID Processing

SSS ID is one of the most acceptable government valid ID's whenever you transact anywhere the country so it's important for you to have one. It's free and all you have to do is visit the SSS branch near you and you can apply for your own SSS ID.

Some of the requirements needed are, valid ID's, birth certificate, and your going to fill up an application form that indicates your personal details which includes your beneficiaries.

Application will take few months before you will get your ID but right after you submit your application, your SSS lifetime number will be given to you where you can start your contributions and remittances. Once you have the first contribution, it is when you get you SSS ID.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

SSS gives additional Loans to Yolanda Victims

SSS members can extend their loans and additional pensions especially those who are merely affected by SUPER TYPHOON YOLANDA to help themselves recover from the calamity.

Pensioners for retirement can apply for three-months advance pension to help lessen the burden caused by the typhoon.

Social Security System stated that members residing in calamity-spotted areas may avail salary and housing repair loans under easier terms.

Members and pensioners in affected areas will be given one year to apply for housing repair loans and six months to apply for advanced pensions and housing loans.

A maximum of 30,000 salary loan to those who had at least 36 monthly contributions.

SSS Member who has at least 72 monthly remittance may apply for  maximum loan equivalent twice his monthly salary.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

SSS Singapore Branch

Social Security System is not only present in the Philippines, they have also branch abroad. This is helpful to our OFW's that's having problem with regards to their SSS Account. You can try SSS Online Inquiry for other related matter like, SSS Loans, SSS Balances, SSS Benefits. Just visit the SSS official website. - www.sss.gov.ph. We have listed the details for SSS Singapore Branch.

Address: Embassy of the Philippines, 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395
Telephone Number :Telefax No. (65) 6732-1858
Officer in Charge :Josefina A. Maduro
Email Address :sssinga4@singnet.com.sg



Sunday, 19 February 2012

SSS Taipei, Taiwan Branch

Social Security System is not available only in the Philippines. It is also available abroad. This is helpful to our OFW's that having problem with regards to their SSS Account, wherein they wasn't able to went home just to discuss matters like SSS Balances, SSS Loans, and SSS Benefits. For other information needed, you can search online by accessing their official website -- www.sss.gov.ph. We have listed below the information about SSS Taipei, Taiwan Branch.

Address: Manila Economic & Cultural Office, 11th Floor #176 Chang Chun Road, Chungshan District, Taipei City
Tel.Number: Tel. No. (8862)2507-9187; 
Fax Number. (8862)2507-9181
Officer in Charge: Frenelie Ann L. Ong
Email Address : sss_taipei_1999@yahoo.com